Recent work

Ultimos trabajos_EuroalFYRST provides their professional interpreters  for Euroal 2013, 8th International Travel Market , Art & Culture Exhibition for Latin America and Europe in the Exhibition and  Conference Centre for Costa del Sol (Malaga). We supplied English, French and  Russian Interpreters.

You can see our video here


Ultimos trabajos_convenio

FYRST signs a collaboration agreement with the  Medical Professional Association of Malaga in which it offers  its services with special conditions for the Association as well as for its associates.

Ultimos trabajos_Brasil

FYRST provides its interpreter service for the program MORE DOCTORS FOR  BRASIL from the Regional Board of Health in Andalusia in collaboration with the  Ministry of Health in Brasil organised in Malaga (Spain).

You can see our video here


Foto EduFYRST translates the documentation for the recognition of the Master of  Music in Helsinki (Finland) for the known and great  pianist EDUARDO PALOMARES. He has a very  important and renowned career with many awards and events, as the following  among others:

  • 1st award and special award in the solois competition at the Professional   School of Music “Ángel Barrios” in Granada (Spain).
  • 2nd award in the IV piano competition “Ciudad de El Ejido”.
  • 1st award in the XXVII piano competition “Jacinto Guerrero”.
  • 3rd awrd in the XXXI piano competition ”Ciudad de Albacete”
  • Song Recital with the outstanding Finish mezzosoprano Anne-Marie Heino in   the museum house “Kirpilä Taidekoti”, in Helsinki.